Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stop & Shop Selects Software
to Improve Shopper Loyalty

Stop & Shop recognizes the importance of the products featured on their shelves in addition to the importance of their customers. To gain a better understanding of their customer’s needs, Stop & Shop has selected predictive analytics software from SPSS, Chicago, to increase customer loyalty and develop new products and services.

The software is designed specifically to deliver timely and effective promotions to customers, which helps to personalize offers more effectively. In addition, the software is intended to identify specific product attributes most important to shoppers while also helping to drive revenues.

According to Ed Garabedian, manager of BI analysis and support at Stop & Shop, the SPSS predictive analytics “will help our organization better understand our diverse group of customers and their unique needs with relation to products and promotions.”

SPSS' predictive software offers Stop & Shop an improved understanding of their customers needs so they can deliver on them, as well as better manage production and distribution.

"Stop & Shop is one of the many advanced retailers that recognize the importance of understanding and predicting consumer behavior in order to create customer loyalty and drive revenue. SPSS predictive analytics is clearly a cutting-edge competitive advantage in all customer-driven industries," Jack Noonan, SPSS president and CEO commented in a statement.

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